Solomon Gitau

I am a trained mechatronics engineer with experience in the development of open-source software and hardware having have been involved in the development of projects such as the open source ventilator projects and the open-source filament extruder.
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Ronald Tinotenda Tsatsi

I am a tech guy, currently studying electrical engineering in my final year with the University of Zimbabwe. I have a backgroung in electronics and computer programming using python, java, javascript, html and Html.
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  • Shona

Mathew Lubari

I'm a South Sudanese refugee living in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Uganda, an ICT practitioner passionate in both software and hardware. I'm also fixer and advocate for environmental protection through repair and reuse.
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Jake Read

I'm a grad student right now, working on machine design; this spans motion control, motor control (and power electronics), lots of firmware, circuit design, and of course mechanical design! I also work on modularity and hardware networking.
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Emilio Velis

I work on open hardware, sustainability and social innovation.
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  • Spanish

Barbora Marsikova

I am a mechanical engineer with focus on Optics and Microscopy. During my PhD I worked on the UC2 project, specializing on documentation, hardware design, and applications in the educational area.
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