Who is part of the community

Roles at OHM

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A person or a team running or starting an open hardware project. Mentees design and develop open hardware projects that empower others to collaborate within inclusive communities, supporting the global open hardware movement.


Mentors support participants as they practice working open and facilitate connections within their networks, as they go through training and learn to work openly on their projects. Mentors will gain valuable coaching skills and connections across the open hardware community.


Experts support participants with domain-specific knowledge as they practice working open and facilitating connections within the network.


Commmunity guidelines

Open Hardware Makers aims to create a diverse, global community working to enhance the sharing of open hardware. Because of this diversity, it is important to be intentional about providing respectful, equitable spaces — both online and in person — for our community to come together and engage in constructive, respectful discourse.

Our community guidelines are inspired by those of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) community. They apply to all spaces where the mentorship program is run, both online and in person. Individuals who violate this Code may affect their ability to participate in the program, ranging from temporarily being placed into online moderation to, as a last resort, expulsion from the community or in-person events.

You can find more on the community guidelines, how to report a problem and the moderation process here.