Solomon Gitau

I am a trained mechatronics engineer with experience in the development of open-source software and hardware having have been involved in the development of projects such as the open source ventilator projects and the open-source filament extruder.
  • English

Sarah Kiden

Public Interest Technologist and Researcher exploring policy frameworks that support technology design, adoption, and use for diverse communities.
  • English
  • Kiswahili

Ronald Tinotenda Tsatsi

I am a tech guy, currently studying electrical engineering in my final year with the University of Zimbabwe. I have a backgroung in electronics and computer programming using python, java, javascript, html and Html.
  • English
  • Shona

Mathew Lubari

I'm a South Sudanese refugee living in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Uganda, an ICT practitioner passionate in both software and hardware. I'm also fixer and advocate for environmental protection through repair and reuse.
  • English

Louise Bezuidenhout

I am a social science researcher specializing in Open Science. My work looks at the development of open research infrastructures and how these are changing research practices. In particular, I focus on data sharing and open, FAIR data practices.
  • English

Julien Colomb

Former neuro-geneticist (10 year of research on fruit fly memory and behavior), I have been more recently interested in data analysis and management, as a specialisation for my interests in open science (open research). I am presently working on ways (technical and social) to implement the principles of FAIR and open data in the lab workflow and ways to foster collaboration between researchers via the SmartFigure Gallery project.
  • French
  • English
  • German